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Udacity Product Management Free Courses

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Udacity and Google offers 5 free courses on product management to learn about product design, prototyping and more.

There are some interactive quizzes in each of these self-paced online courses. You can take these quizzes to check your knowledge after you complete the course.

1. Rapid Prototyping by Google

You will be guided by this course as you go through the iterative process of user research and app prototype. Making a low fidelity paper prototype will be the first step, followed by user research that will guide your next iteration.

You’ll also discover how prototyping fits into your app design process and how you can utilise it to improve as an entrepreneur.

2. Product Design by Google

This course is made to assist you in turning your revolutionary concept into a marketable product on which you can build a company.

3. App Monetization by Google

This course combines classroom training with practical examples to assist you in developing, implementing, and evaluating your monetization strategy while iterating on the model as necessary.

4. A/B Testing for Business Analysts

This A/B Testing course gives you the fundamental skills necessary to plan and evaluate A/B tests that will generate business insights and aid in decision-making.

5. Product Manager Interview Preparation

In this course, you’ll see unique interviews with working core, data, growth, and AI product managers and discover exactly what to anticipate during a product management interview.

All these Udacity product management free courses comes with quality learning content prepared by industry professionals.

So, we hope these courses will help you in learning something new about product management.

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