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KodeKloud Review (My Honest Opinion)

kodekloud review

Hello there! Ever fancied trying out KodeKloud courses but need some reassurance? I was in the same boat, but let me share a few insights about KodeKloud that might give you some clarity to make a right decision. How many…

Mindvalley Review (My Honest Opinion)

mindvalley review

Interested in Mindvalley courses but not 100% sure? I’ll share my thoughts and experience about this so called “most powerful life transformation platform” in this Mindvalley review. I hope this helps you. Okay. Let’s start. What is Mindvalley? Have you…

9 Best Psychology Courses on Udemy

best psychology courses on udemy

Psychology as a human science has over the decades come to occupy a central position in academia. Moreover, it has an interdisciplinary outreach that makes the knowledge of fundamentals essential in various walks of life and professions. Thus the idea…

10 Free ChatGPT Courses for Beginners

free chatgpt courses

In today’s digital era, the realm of artificial intelligence continues to expand, offering exciting opportunities for those eager to explore its potential. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, stands as a prime example of a cutting-edge technology that enables natural language conversations…

Udacity AWS AI ML Scholarship Program

aws ai ml scholarship

AWS has collaborated with Udacity, a top online learning platform, to launch AWS AI ML scholarship for students. With this scholarship, you can get free access to the premium Nanodegree programs on Udacity and learn about various concepts of artificial…

10 Best Guitar Courses on Udemy

best guitar courses on udemy

Hey, are you looking for online guitar courses? Are you someone who wanna learn how to play a guitar in just a month, that too just by sitting at your home?  Then you are at the right place.  I’ve brought…