Udacity Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program

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Udacity collaborates with Bertelsmann, a media company in germany, to launch the Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program to strengthen people’s tech skills.

Students 18 years of age or older who are interested in expanding their cloud, data and AI skills are invited to enroll in the Udacity Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program.

Udacity Bertelsmann Scholarship

The scholarship is open to any student, 18 years of age or older, interested in Azure Cloud Architecture, Business Analytics or Machine Learning.

When application deadline close on November 30, 2021, Udacity will review all entries and select 15,000 recipients to participate in the Cloud, Data, or AI Challenge Courses. This is where the learning begins! You will spend 2 months learning key components for Azure Cloud Architecture, Business Analytics or Machine Learning with TensorFlow. Top students from this initial phase will earn a full Nanodegree program scholarship.

How it works

Step 1: Register for the Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program in Udacity.

Step 2: If selected, you will get access to the challenge courses from the track that you chose during registration (FREE).

Step 3: Complete the lessons, videos and quizzes in the Challenge Course and take the online assessment.

Step 4: 1600 Scholarship participants who complete all program content and receive top scores from the online assessment in the first phase will earn a 100% scholarship to the Udacity Nanodegree programs.

Important Dates

October 5, 2021: Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program application opens.

November 30, 2021: Bertelsmann Technology Scholarship Program application closes.

December 14, 2021: Challenge Courses Starts (Phase 1).

February 14, 2022: Challenge Courses Ends (Phase 1).



Watch the video below for the registration process.

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