Google Cloud Platform Business Professional Certification Course

What is Google Cloud Platform :

Google Cloud Platform is a supplier of computing services for creating valuable working applications on the web. Its forte is giving a spot to everyone to build a software and run programming, and it utilizes the web to associate with the clients of that product.

About this course :

This course is for students, business experts and whoever is keen on finding out about the fundamentals of cloud and how it’s influencing the fate of work. 

There are four sub categories in this course including GCP for Business Professionals, GCP Compute, GCP Storage and Databases and Big Data and Machine LearningYou’ll have to finish all course modules, and assessments and get a score of 80% on every evaluation to get the certificate.

Course details :
Course Features :
What You'll Learn :
  • The evolution of cloud technology
  • Create business value with Google Cloud
  • Security and compliance with Google Cloud
  • Foster business innovation with cloud
  • Introduction to Compute Engine
  • Introduction to App Engine 
  • Introduction to Kubernetes Engine
  • Introduction to Cloud Functions
  • Introduction to Firebase
  • Introduction to Google Networking
  • Introduction to Cloud Data Transfer
  • Introduction to Cloud Storage
  • Introduction to Cloud SQL 
  • Introduction to Cloud Spanner
  • Introduction to Cloud Bigtable
  • Introduction to Cloud Datastore
  • Introduction to Cloud Firestore
  • Introduction to BigQuery
  • Introduction to Cloud Dataflow
  • Introduction to Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Introduction to Dataproc 
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Introduction to IoT

Complete all 4 modules
Learn about google cloud platform with bite-sized lessons, then test your knowledge with a quick quiz.


Take the Assessments
Pass the individual assessment after each module and get certified.


Share your certificate
Download and showcase your new qualification on LinkedIn and your CV.

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