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Google Ads Free Certification Courses

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Are you looking for google ads free certification courses?

Look no further.

You are at the right place.

Here is a list of free google ads certifications that you can take and find helpful to become an expert in google ads.

8 Google Ads Free Certification Courses

1. Google Ads Search Certification

Show off your expertise in creating and refining Google Search campaigns. The ability to employ automated tools like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions to improve campaign success for certain marketing goals will be shown by certified users.

2. Google Ads Display Certification

Verify your knowledge of Google Display to produce outcomes that maximise the return on your display advertising spend. Users who have earned certifications will have proven their capacity to create Display plans and campaigns that successfully accomplish particular marketing objectives.

3. Google Ads - Measurement Certification

Use Google’s measurement technologies to demonstrate your ability to gauge and improve the effectiveness of digital advertising. In order to increase Google Ads performance and have an impact on their business, certified users must demonstrate that they can comprehend the crucial indicators and put important insights into practise.

Learn the fundamentals of measuring digital ad performance with these free courses.

4. Google Ads Video Certification

Demonstrate your ability to use Google and YouTube video advertising strategies to achieve outcomes. By employing YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions, certified users will be able to show that they have a solid grasp of how to achieve awareness, consideration, and action goals through effective campaign outcomes.

Learn the fundamentals of Google Video campaigns with these free courses.

5. Shopping ads Certification

Test your knowledge on how to use and optimise Shopping advertisements. Additionally, certified users will exhibit an understanding of how to design and refine Shopping campaigns to increase exposure and conversions.

Want to learn more about google shopping ad campaigns? Check this.

6. Google Ads Apps Certification

Showcase your expertise in developing Google App ads that have a positive commercial impact. Users who have earned certifications will demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about both basic and sophisticated optimization techniques.

Want to learn more about google ad app campaigns? Check this.

7. Google Ads Creative Certification

Display your prowess in creating compelling advertisements for Video, Display, App, and Search campaigns. According to Google’s research-based advice, certified users will be able to create effective advertising materials and employ useful tools and resources at every stage of the creative process.

8. Grow Offline Sales Certification

Verify your competence with the marketing goal of Grow Offline Sales. Additionally, certified users will exhibit expertise in developing and implementing an offline sales strategy.

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