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Intellipaat Free Courses [25+ Online Courses]

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Intellipaat offers 25+ free online courses that are designed by industry professionals and the courses are available on a variety of topics including programming languages like C, C++, R etc., data science, machine learning, MS Excel and many more trending subjects.

Intellipaat Free Courses

1. Java Complete Course

This course covers the fundamentals of Java, including Java statements, exception handling, Objects, Classes, and JDBC. This course should help you learn faster and offer you the tools you need to pursue a career in software development.

Duration: 13 Hours

2. C and Data Structures Complete Course

In this course, you’ll learn about Data Structures in C and understand many parts of C fundamentals, such as C Instructions, Data Types, Control Instructions, Functions, and Recursion. You’ll also learn about Strings, Arrays, Data Structures, and other topics. By participating in a variety of real-world projects and activities, you will obtain practical expertise with Data Structures and C.

Duration: 9 Hours

3. MS Excel Complete Course

This Microsoft Excel Foundation training course will provide you with the most thorough understanding of MS Excel, the most extensively used spreadsheet. This course will teach you how to use Excel to create workbooks, tables, and cells, as well as how to create dashboards, interactive components, charting, filtering, sorting, and the PIVOT Table, as well as how to process data with real-world data sets.

Duration: 15 Hours

4. MS SQL Training and Certification Course

The Microsoft SQL training course from Intellipaat is an online classroom training for developers who want to learn how to use the descriptive language to interact with relational databases. SQL introduction, relational databases, queries, subqueries, joins, and unions are all covered in this SQL course.

Duration: 24 Weeks Online Sessions

5. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Intellipaat’s Artificial Intelligence free course will help you get started in the area of AI and will also take the sting out of learning a new technology for the first time. This is a self-paced course that will teach you the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and assist you in setting up Tensorflow. It will also help you comprehend Deep Learning and neural networks through some hands-on exercises.

Duration: 3 Hours

6. AWS Foundation Course

The AWS Free Course from Intellipaat is an excellent way to get started with AWS. It offers in-depth knowledge of the AWS Cloud, EC2, and Storage Volumes, as well as hands-on experience moving an application from a local PC to the AWS Cloud.

Duration: 4 Hours

7. DevOps Foundation Course

The DevOps Free Course from Intellipaat is an excellent approach to get started with DevOps Methodologies. It gives useful information on Introduction to DevOps and DevOps Tools such as Git and Docker, as well as appropriate hands-on experience.

Duration: 4 Hours

8. Microsoft Azure Administration Foundation Course

The Azure Admin Free Course from Intellipaat is an excellent way to get started with Azure. It includes Hands-On, Assignments, and Quizzes, as well as information on Introduction to Cloud Computing, Azure, and Azure Storage, including BLOB and Queue.

Duration: 20 Hours

9. Introduction to Python Programming

This course will help you learn the principles and acquire hands-on experience with Python packages such as SciPy, Matplotlib, NumPy, and the Lambda function. You’ll also learn how to create Python code for Hadoop and Spark-based Big Data systems. Working on real-world projects and case studies as part of the Python certification Online course will provide you with practical experience.

Duration: 12 Hours

10. Python for Data Science

Learn the fundamentals of Python, a popular and sophisticated programming language. You will receive hands-on experience working with numerous Python packages such as SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, Lambda functions, and more as part of this Python for Data Science Course. You will work on real-world Python projects and apply Python to various Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning areas.

Duration: 12 Hours

11. Tableau Foundation Course

The Tableau Free Course from Intellipaat is an excellent way to get started with Tableau. It gives you a better understanding of Tableau’s power and scope. This course will teach you about Tableau Architecture, Filters, Sets, Groups, Bins, and the Analytics section of Tableau, as well as Hands-On, Assignments, and Quizzes to help you learn more effectively.

Duration: 12 Hours

12. Salesforce Foundation Course

This course will assist you in getting started with CRM Tools, specifically Salesforce, as well as easing the difficulties of learning a new technology. This is a self-paced course that covers the fundamentals of Salesforce. It will also assist you in creating Apps, Objects, and Relationships with the use of some Hands-on, Assignments, and a Case Study to help you learn more effectively.

Duration: 10 Hours

13. Data Science Fundamentals

This free course will teach you everything you need to know about data science and how to apply it in real-world situations. You’ll go over a variety of topics, including the need for Data Science, what it is, and how it works. In the second half, you will also be touching upon the aspects of Big data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and R studio.

Duration: 2 Hours

14. Numpy & SciPy Tutorial

Intellipaat’s free tutorials on Numpy and SciPy will help you learn about these popular Python libraries that help with numerical calculations and calculations. And science, engineering, and data science programming. In this course, we will introduce topics such as installing and executing NumPy arithmetic operations.

Duration: 3 Hours

15. Pandas Tutorial

Panda’s tutorial is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to master the Python language well. In this Pandas tutorial, you can use real-world datasets containing string and numeric data, which are usually structured in time series. In this tutorial, you will learn powerful analysis, selection, and visualization techniques that will make you a professional in the field of data analysis.

Duration: 3 Hours

16. Matplotlib Tutorial

In this free online tutorial, you will learn the basics of data visualization using Python and take advantage of the power of Matplotlib. At the beginning of the course module, you will learn to create line graphs, scatter graphs, histograms, distribution graphs, 3-D charts and more.

Duration: 2 Hours

17. Introduction to R

Intellipaat’s introductory R course gives you a comprehensive understanding of this widely used open source language. From the basics of R to understanding the functions and processes in R, this course enables you to help companies analyze data and make informed decisions.

Duration: 3 Hours

18. Natural Language Processing using Python

This course provides you with an overview of NLP and text mining. In the further courses of the course modules, you will have an in-depth understanding of the operating system modules in Python, file processing in Python, and the use of Word files. You will also learn the concept of tokenization and how it works.

Duration: 3 Hours

19. Data Science with R

This course provides in-depth training on the core competencies of R data science. It was developed in cooperation with IBM experts and comprehensively covers concepts such as data exploration, R operators, R Studio, data manipulation, and data visualization.

Duration: 5 Hours

20. Statistics for Data Science

This course aims to familiarize learners with the core concepts of data science statistics. The training is planned by some of the best industry experts, focusing on key topics such as core trends, distribution and types, test relationships, and sample mean differences.

Duration: 2 Hours

21. Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Developed by some of the best AI experts, learn the basics of neural networks and deep learning in this training program. The course provides industry-related learning content, focusing on key topics such as deep learning frameworks, neural network topologies, algorithms, and multivariate equations. In addition, after successfully completing this training program, you will receive an industry-wide recognition certificate from Intellipaat.

Duration: 5 Hours

22. Logistic Regression for beginners

Learn to perform logistic regression on classification data sets in this training program developed by experts in the Intellipaat field. This course focuses on key concepts such as evaluating logistic regression models, regression analysis, and the relationship between dependent and independent variables.

Duration: 2 Hours

23. Linear Regression step-by-step guide

This course provides step-by-step training in linear regression using numerical data sets. The comprehensive learning content gives you a deeper understanding of the calculation of linear regression in Python. The course is industry-specific and focuses on practicing methods by demonstrating how to perform linear regression.

Duration: 2 Hours

24. ML with TensorFlow

This training program will help you gain insights into deep learning and artificial intelligence, TensorFlow, perception and neuron networks. Through Intellipaat’s industry-centric TensorFlow machine learning training, a solid knowledge base is established in the concept of this field, so as to establish a successful career in the field of machine learning. TensorFlow has also been recognized by more than 500 companies in the entire industry.

Duration: 4 Hours

25. Machine Learning Fundamentals

This free machine learning foundation course provides a solid foundation for machine learning engineers, data scientists and artificial intelligence professionals. This 5-hour course gives you a brief introduction to data pre-processing, time series, text mining, and supervised and unsupervised learning. For anyone who wants to start their machine learning career, this free course is all you need to master the basics.

Duration: 5 Hours

26. Time Series Analysis in Machine Learning

This course provides comprehensive training on the core competencies of machine learning time series analysis. It provides in-depth basic knowledge and comprehensive coverage of concepts, such as the types and use cases of time series modeling, differentiation, DickeyFuller testing, etc.

Duration: 2 Hours

27. Project on Mortality Rate Calculation due to COVID-19

This global mortality analysis project using Python will help you lay a solid foundation for performing data analysis on specific classification or numerical data sets. The project includes determining the global mortality rate caused by COVID19. You will also learn to develop and analyze insightful reports and create dashboards that describe the same. The trend of COVID19 cases can be checked through global survey results.

Duration: 1 Hour

Out of these 27 Intellipaat free courses, which one did you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments section.

Disclaimer: This blog is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy through those links, you won’t pay anything extra and I’ll also receive a small commission on a purchase. 

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