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FutureLearn Free Courses with Certificate

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FutureLearn is a digital education platform based in the UK. It has everything from MOOCs to micro-credential to Degree courses. They serve as a platform for various universities and educational institutions around the world to provide their courses. FutureLearn also has some of its own courses. Here is a list of FutureLearn free courses with certificates.

And if you’re interested in their paid courses, you can opt for FutureLearn Unlimited subscription.

FutureLearn Free Courses on Nature & Environment

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and environmental advocacy with these courses. Learn about sustainable fishing, fighting food waste, and agricultural economics. Get expert tips on handling disasters and living green from Mogli.

Digital Skills Courses with Certificate

As the world is entering more and more into digital space, it becomes important that we catch up to it. In order to stay upgraded and not miss out on the race, several companies are working hard to ensure the employees are digitally literate. As technology is growing, digital skills are no longer limited to sending and receiving emails or knowing how cloud-based collaboration tools work. Check out these free courses by FutureLearn and upgrade your digital skills too.

FutureLearn Free Healthcare Courses

Healthcare training is a part of healthcare workers professional life. It helps them adapt to changes and renew their outlook on their jobs. It has also proven to be helpful in improving their overall performance. Here are some healthcare courses on FutureLearn.

FutureLearn Free Courses on Psychology

Psychology is an interesting science that studies human behaviour and attitudes. This emerging subject attempts to explain why humans think and act the way they do. There are still new subdivisions of psychology coming out today. With these courses by FutureLearn, you can learn the psychology behind our moods and emotions.

FutureLearn Free Courses on Business & Management

Running a business is not just about economics and finance but also other crucial skills- interpersonal and intrapersonal, communicating and managing. With the business courses that FutureLearn offers, you will learn how to focus on these specific skills.

FutureLearn Free Courses on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is very relevant today. It is the cheapest and far-reaching way of marketing with relatively more promising returns. It lets a company directly connect with potential buyers online. It is easy to share, edit, and develop on. It is also one of the hot and rising jobs today. Check out these Digital Marketing courses FutureLearn offers for free.

Wellbeing Courses with Certificate

It is important to take care of one’s well being, to be content and satisfied with who we are. These mindfulness courses offered by FutureLearn will enhance your self-understanding, empathy, self-love and compassion for yourself and people around you. Living deliberately will help improve your EQ too.

Teaching Courses with Certificate

Online mode of education has been a distress to teaching staff too. These course provides some guidance to cope with new teaching so that the process is not hindered.

FutureLearn Free Courses on Politics & Society

You can explore the wide open world of politics and society with these free courses. Learn about fighting corruption, supporting women’s well-being, and helping children affected by conflict. Understand how race, gender, and sexuality intersect in our lives.

Career Development Courses

Career development is very important as it gives you the freedom to look at new perspectives, take up newer roles once they are aware of their existing knowledge and skills. It will also help you to stay rooted in your existing careers during big changes. Here are some courses by FutureLearn that will help you in developing your career.

In summary, FutureLearn’s free courses offer a great chance for anyone to learn online. They provide lots of different courses in many subjects, so you can learn what you like for free of cost. FutureLearn courses can help you improve your skills, explore new interests, and learn more about the world. So I hope you’ll find this very useful.

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