Free Online Courses by GeeksforGeeks

Experience these free self-paced online courses for different programming languages and web development with pre-recorded video lectures by industry experts from GeeksforGeeks.

You’ll also be getting a course completion certificate after completing few of these free courses.

Free Courses:

1. HTML Workshop

This is a beginner HTML Workshop covering the basics of HTML in an innovative way.

2. Get Ahead with Front-end Development

This course focuses on Frontend Development and problem solving based on interviews.

3. Core Java and Collections

Learn from scratch about Core Java and Collections!

4. Computer Science for Class 5

Come and learn Computer Science according to the CBSE Syllabus where your child will be able to create a strong foundation.

5. 30 Days of Code

Attempt one coding question every day for 30 days and master your data structure and algorithm skills !

6. Getting Started with Python

A Free limited-time workshop to introduce your child to Python so they could climb the skills set ladder with ease.

7. C++ Productivity Hacks

A handy course for C++ developers to upgrade their skill set by learning lesser known C++ Hacks!

8. Python Facts for C++/Java Developers

Time to leave old school methods behind and accelerate your C++ skills!

9. Data Structures and Algorithms

Learn Data Structures and Algorithms in-depth in just 11 weeks with this interactive live workshop!

10. Interview Preparation

A free course with frequently asked coding questions which will help you practice for interview in top product-based companies.

11. Fundamentals of Programming with C

Free course for the students who wish to learn Programming in C language from basics.

12. Fork Python

Specially designed free Python course for beginners which strengthens your base in the language from scratch.

13. Fork Java

Specially designed free Java course for beginners which strengthens your base in the language from scratch.

14. Fork CPP

This course is especially designed for the CPP apprentices who want to hone their skills in CPP for Coding Interviews and Competitive Programming. No matter if you are a school student or college student, if you have the zeal of programming, this is the right time to start.

Watch the video below to get more details about these free courses by GeeksforGeeks and its registration process.

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