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Free Online Courses by GeeksforGeeks

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Use these free self-paced online courses to learn different programming languages, web development and more with pre-recorded video lectures by industry experts from GeeksforGeeks.

You’ll also be getting a course completion certificate after completing few of these free courses.

Each course is track-based, lifetime accessible, updated, and includes assessments and practise exercises to help you put what you’ve learned into practise.

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Geeks for Geeks Free Courses

1. Fork SQL

This course begins with the fundamentals of SQL and following that, it will go through key ideas like keys, various commands, operators, and functions that will enable us to carry out CRUD activities quickly. It also covers other crucial subjects like SQL hosting and Joins.

2. Fork Java Programming

A basic course that will assist you in beginning your study of Java programming from scratch. Learn about strings, bitwise & logical operators, control structure, arrays, and more.

3. Fork C++ Programming

Learn everything there is to know about the C++ programming language and create your first C++ program. Assessments are also included in this self-paced course to help you gauge your progress.

4. Fork Python Programming

You will discover how to use the Python programming language to resolve coding issues in this free course. In addition to this, you will gain all the skills required to translate your coding reasoning into effective Python code.

5. Linux & Shell Scripting Foundation

You will be required to learn and comprehend the commands and codes that are fundamental but extremely vital for an OS as part of this course. Due to the fact that many employers are seeking employees with experience with the Linux operating system, this course will provide you an unfair advantage over other applicants.

6. DevOps Bootcamp

This DevOps Bootcamp would give a thorough understanding of the DevOps methodology and how it may be applied to increase the efficiency, dependability, and speed of software delivery.

7. Full Stack Bootcamp

With the help of our this free Full Stack Bootcamp by GeeksforGeeks, you will acquire all the skills required to succeed as a web developer. You will learn both fundamental and advanced level abilities in the many tools and technologies used in the field of web development as a result of taking this course. 

For frontend development, they’ll cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React JS; for backend development section, Node JS and Mongo DB will be covered. Additionally, you will gain practical project building experience, which will substantially aid in improving your conceptual understanding. 

You will have a firm grasp of the foundations of web development by the end of the course, and you’ll be prepared to start creating your own web applications.

8. Fork Django

In this course, you will first learn the fundamentals of Python before delving deeper into Django by comprehending file structure and data models, How Template Works in Django, Adding Bootstrap to TextUtils, and Post Request and CSRF Attack.

9. Data Science BootCamp

The course provides in-depth instruction in the most in-demand Data Science and Machine Learning skills as well as practical experience with important tools and technologies, including Python, Tableau, and machine learning principles.

10. School Guide: Learning Roadmap For Young Geeks

This is a step-by-step manual for school pupils interested in learning more about coding and building a stronger foundation for a better career in programming. 

The goal of this course is to introduce school students who have never programmed before to the field of computer science. It is structured in a way that emphasises technical ideas while also allowing students to develop their creative abilities.

11. GATE CSE Crash Course 2023

The topics in this course have been carefully selected by professional mentors using a combination of online live courses and weekly topic-wise contests to help you be ready for GATE 2023 and beyond. The course will cover the whole GATE syllabus and include strategy, tips and tricks, problem-solving, and core concept building.

Watch the video below to get more details about these free courses by GeeksforGeeks and its registration process.

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