CFI Free Courses with Certificate

Get free online courses offered by Corporate Finance Institute (CFI). Learn the fundamentals of finance, accounting, data science, cryptocurrency and a lot more trending subjects.

You can also earn a free certificate after completing the courses. To earn a certificate, you must complete all the video lessons, quizzes, and final assessments in each course. You can retake the assessments as many times as necessary until you reach an 80% passing grade. 

CFI Free Courses

  1. Introduction to Wealth Management – Enroll for Free
  2. Careers in Commercial Banking Enroll for Free
  3. Introduction to Cryptocurrency Enroll for Free
  4. Introduction to ESG Enroll for Free
  5. Accounting Fundamentals Enroll for Free
  6. Reading Financial Statements Enroll for Free
  7. Excel Fundamentals – Formulas for Finance Enroll for Free
  8. Corporate Finance Fundamentals Enroll for Free
  9. Introduction to Banking Enroll for Free
  10. Banking Products and Services Enroll for Free
  11. Forms of Business Structure Enroll for Free
  12. Fundamentals of Credit Enroll for Free
  13. Capital IQ Fundamentals Enroll for Free
  14. Macabacus Fundamentals Enroll for Free
  15. Introduction to Business Intelligence Enroll for Free
  16. Data Science Fundamentals Enroll for Free
  17. Statistics Fundamentals Enroll for Free
  18. Introduction to Capital Markets Enroll for Free
  19. Math Fundamentals for Capital Markets Enroll for Free
  20. Economics for Capital Markets Enroll for Free
  21. Foreign Exchange Fundamentals Enroll for Free
  22. Refinitiv Workspace Fundamentals Enroll for Free

Watch the video below to get more details about the registration process and on how to enroll in the free courses offered by CFI.

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