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Best React Courses on Udemy

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React is a very efficient open-source JavaScript library used to build user interfaces based on isolated codes called “components”. The main purpose of this was to create web applications. These components in a web application include everything from text to a button or a label. By learning how to use React, you can build amazing user interfaces on your own.

1. React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)

This course is brilliant for beginners. It teaches the main functional concepts behind how to build user-friendly reactive web apps. It also covers react hooks, Reacts components, and debugging react apps. The course includes you finishing a project for practice. You will be using React components that are included in the resources offered by the course. No prior experience in React is required. You have to have a foundational understanding of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The concepts are simplified to make understanding easy. 

Duration – 48 hours

2. The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)

In this course, you will learn how to build and launch React apps. From the beginning of the course, you will be starting your projects simultaneously as well. The course is updated with all components like React v17, Redux 4, Babel 7, Jest 26, etc. Through the duration of this course, you will be building two apps. The first one will be a decision-making app, The second one is called an expense manager app where you will be using react-redux firebase. If you are stuck at any step in your project, the instructor can be reached out for help.

Duration – 39 hours

3. Complete React Developer in 2022 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

This course is one the best React courses out there, it covers all essential concepts and contains informative compilations of lecture videos. The lectures cover some of the latest features in React (React Lazy +, Hooks, Context API, Suspense etc) and the latest JavaScript to write clean codes. It trains you to be a ReactJS Developer with big projects for you to produce. No prior experience is necessary. Some knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript is assumed.

Duration – 40.5 hours

4. React Front To Back 2022

In this course, you will start with fundamentals of react, hooks and creating custom hooks, Firebase 9, fullstack MERN and other things. In the duration of the course, you will be building three projects in the course duration- a feedback app, GitHub finder, house marketplace using Firebase 9. Additionally, a new project has been added where you’ll be using fullstack MERN. You are expected to have a good knowledge of JavaScript.

Duration – 20 hours

5. Modern React with Redux

This course will walk you through the basic concepts behind Redux application structures. You will be building single-page applications with ReactJS and Redux. The instructor of the course updates it regularly. Along with the lecture videos, you also get to work on 17 coding exercises for practical knowledge. Knowing the basics of HTML, CSS, React will help you learn this more efficiently.

Duration – 52.5 hours

6. Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

This course walks you through fullstack web development and is a compilation of many. This is more of a practical course that teaches you to build web applications using advanced features of React, Reduct, Mongo and Express. Your project for this course is to build a feedback-collection app with multiple features. This is not a beginners course, you are expected to have prior knowledge of the basics of React and Redux.

Duration – 25.5 hours

7. Advanced React and Redux

This course does not introduce you to the basic concepts but dives into more advanced lessons on authentication, testing, middlewares, HOC and Deployment. You will be learning how to build React components and structure applications with Redux. This course is not for beginners. It expects you to have a thorough knowledge of Redux, actions and action creators.

Duration – 21 hours

8. The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)

This course starts from the basics then builds up to advanced topics like React Router, Next JS and Context API. As part of the course, you will be building one capstone application. This course is suitable for anyone who is a beginner to any front-end frameworks. There are also a lot of exercises for you to solve. It would be beneficial if learners are proficient with HTML and CSS.

Duration – 39 hours

9. React Tutorial and Projects Course

In this course, you will learn from the beginning about React.js. You are required to create multiple projects using React.js for practical learning. Learners are expected to have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS as it will make it easier to get the best out of this course.

Duration – 50 hours

10. Micro-frontends with React: A Complete Developer’s Guide

The video lectures will help you understand the working of micro-frontend through many custom designs with React and Vue. The course also explains how to use S3, Cloudfront. The instructor regularly updates the course too. This course is most suitable for engineers wanting to scale frontend apps. No prior experience is assumed, you are required to have a basic understanding of React.

Duration – 9 hours

11. React For The Rest of Us

In this course, you will learn how to structure interfaces, use Hook to approach function components and use async HTTP requests to communicate APIs. With this, you’ll also learn how to keep your code organised as you work on it.  You are expected to have a very elementary understanding of HTML. No JavaScript or CSS knowledge is assumed.

Duration – 16 hours

12. Build an app with React, Redux and Firestore from scratch

With this course, you will learn how to create an application using React, Firestone and Redux. This is a practical course and requires you to build applications in the process of learning. The projects under the course include building social events applications. You are expected to be familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The course will eventually also teach you more about JavaScript

Duration – 24 hours

13. React – Learn React with Hooks by creating a Roguelike game

Here you will be taught how to use React, Hooks, JavaScript, ES6, Node.js and many other things from scratch. Absolutely no prior coding knowledge is necessary. This course is perfect for beginner developers who like computer games.

Duration – 2 hours

14. React JS: Learn React JS From Scratch with Hands-On Projects

With this course you will learn how to use components, props etc to build a single page application using React JS. The course promises to teach beginners all advanced concepts too. Not much prior knowledge is assumed but it is absolutely necessary that you know the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Many students have recommended this course as the best for beginners.

Duration – 10  hours

15. The complete React Fullstack course

This course will teach you deployment of applications to services like Heroku and Firebase. This course is another perfect one just for beginners. Along with React, Servers and Databases, Redux, the course additionally includes ES6. Although the course is for beginners, students are expected to know the basics of JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Duration – 77 hours

React stands as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks today. There are many opportunities to look forward to after learning it. Check out this list of best react courses on Udemy we have curated for you and start learning when you find something you like!

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