11 Best Product Management Courses on Coursera [2024]

11 Best Product Management Courses on Coursera

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Looking to level up your skills in product management, right?

You’re on the right path.

The world of business is embarking on the way to advancement and expansion. So the demand for product management is gradually skyrocketing.

The companies are seeking out a large number of product managers to deal with the diversification of businesses. Thus, the demand for skilled product managers is at an all-time high.

So, I have carefully curated a list of the best product management courses on Coursera. It will help you learn the necessary skills, techniques, and strategies for your career.

Best Product Management Courses on Coursera in 2024


Digital Product Management Specialization

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 55 hours
58,901 Students Enrolled

Software Product Management Specialization

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 63 hours
79,773 Students Enrolled

Real-World Product Management Specialization

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 51 hours
20,809 Students Enrolled

AI Product Management Specialization

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 50 hours
27,359 Students Enrolled

Product Ideation, Design, and Management Specialization

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 56 hours
16,608 Students Enrolled

Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 9 hours
62,737 Students Enrolled

Innovation Through Design: Think, Make, Break, Repeat

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 15 hours
142,598 Students Enrolled

Brand and Product Management

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 12 hours
102,428 Students Enrolled

Agile with Atlassian Jira

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 12 hours
305,635 Students Enrolled

Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 19 hours
348,214 Students Enrolled

Real-World Cloud Product Management Specialization

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 19 hours
2,418 Students Enrolled

The number of resources available online on product management is humongous. You will be completely confused and indecisive to choose one amongst the hundreds.

Coursera alone has hundreds of courses available on product management. These courses are offered by various universities across the globe. These certified courses are accredited by renowned universities across the world.

But wait, what if I bring it down for you into the top 11 courses and you get the power to select the right choice for you?

Without wasting any more time, let’s look into the list of the best product management courses on coursera.

1. Digital Product Management Specialization by University of Virginia

If you’re planning to start or uproot your career in product management then this is the course for you. The Digital Product Management Specialization course is offered by the University of Virginia.

It aims at developing a team charter of duties surrounding a product program. It will teach you techniques to consider when creating and managing a product or a service.

You will learn to recognize a hypothesis-driven development strategy for the market analysis of a product. It will guide you to follow an actionable design narrative of your consumer market.

The course is developed to equip you with the best skills for aligning customer needs with company goals.

2. Software Product Management Specialization by University of Alberta

The Specialization course equips you to handle the software requirements of a product. It will help you learn the best software development practices.

The course gives you an insight into software development teams at top companies. It will enhance your skills to lead a team of developers. It will also improve your communication tactics with the clients.

The final assessment is through a capstone project. This will test your abilities to deal with real-world product management scenarios.

The course will prepare you for the realistic industry-related challenges of a product manager. It will also guide you to conquer them effectively with strategies.

3. Real-world Product Management Specialization by Advancing Women in Tech

Are you looking for a course that will increase your chances of getting a desirable product management position? The Real-world Product Management Specialization is the answer.

The course is instructed by a team of 20 product leaders. They are from Amazon, Google/ Alphabet, Facebook / Instagram, and Silicon Valley Start-ups.

It will also guide you to ace your next interview for a product management role. You will have access to two video interviews (Amazon and Google). It will teach you how to tackle challenging questions of product management.

You will get a closer look into the curriculums of Amazon and Google’s Product management systems. This will set you to upgrade your product manager’s profession.

4. AI Product Management Specialization by Duke University

Duke University is providing a course in designing and developing machine learning products. It will teach you how to apply machine learning in solving problems.

You will learn to develop AI products with maximum privacy and ethical models. It will teach you to direct machine-learning projects using the best data science practices.

The use of AI and ML is ever-growing in organizations today. It aims at targeting innovations in its product development operations.

The course is designed to help humans merge theory with practical information. It is a detailed guide to data sciences for the entire circuit of the product management team.

5. Product Ideation, Design, and Management Specialization by University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is offering a comprehensive product management course. It equips with practical knowledge from real-world experiences. It is to ensure the delivery of a product suitable for specific customer needs.

In this course, you will learn to understand your target audience. Also, how to test the consumer needs, and how to meet them using product management skills.

The course curriculum comprises step-by-step management specializations. Everything from planning to developing and launching to market positioning.

The course will strategically teach you to create prototypes and minimal viable products. This will decipher the product ideas with real-world requirements.

6. Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum by IBM

The course is particularly suitable for anyone within and outside the IT industry. Especially for someone with a keen interest in working the agile way. In this course, you will learn the end-to-end dynamics of a scrum team.

It is best applicable to IT practitioners. Specifically, to the roles of software developers, development managers, product managers, and executives.

You will learn test-driven development. It is an agile exercise derived from lean manufacturing concepts. It will teach the method of building a product on necessity rather than merely conforming to a plan.

The course offers hands-on learning through realistic scenario-based labs using Github and Zenhub. It will teach you to work collaboratively on a self-organizing team. Which operates under the guidance of a scrum master.

7. Innovation Through Design: Think, Make, Break, Repeat by The University of Sydney

Designing is one of the core requirements for a candidate from any profession. It is evaluated through innovative ideas and capabilities. This is reflective when using creative techniques to solve problems.

The University of Sydney offers you this course to build strong creative aptitudes. This will help you to deal with uncertainty, complexity, and failure.

The course is suitable for anyone curious about design. Design is used to translate ideas into tangible prototypes. They are further tested to provide solutions for the same.

It will give you practical exposure to three of Australia’s largest design offices. An opportunity to learn from the leading design executives and practitioners of design.

8. Brand and Product Management by IE Business School

To predetermine the success of a product, it is a must to correlate product and brand strategy. This is a strategy used by brands in various organizations. It is required to make sure the brand goals reflect in employees’ performances.

In this course, you will learn how to define the brand and its identity. This will help to drive the success of the future business with great value and growth.

You will learn to translate customer reviews. Later, it will teach you to recognize, characterize, and implement key brand objectives. This helps to align brand and product strategies. Thus, resulting in generating a speedy income and a long-term deal.

The course aims at creating a plan of action for both external and internal applications. It covers both the consumers and the employees. This ensures that the brand goals are justified.

9. Agile with Atlassian Jira by Atlassian University

If you’re looking for a course to specifically learn Jira software, then this is the best choice for you. It will teach you everything about Jira Software through agile management.

You will learn how to create and manage agile boards on the Jira software cloud. Also, it will teach you how to apply agile practices to the software.

The course will provide you with useful tools to use on an agile team for various roles viz. Product owner, scrum master, product manager, and team member.

It focuses on teaching you the foundational principles and practices operated by the Agile method. You will have practical training through company-managed and team-managed Jira Software projects.

10. Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success by Imperial College London

As the name suggests, the course introduces the concept of creative thinking as a technique. You will learn how to use them as a strategy to solve problems in day-to-day life.

It will teach you to recognize the prospect of the problem. Also, how to approach it with an appropriate creative thinking technique.

The ability to communicate ideas and information through innovation is a must. In this revolutionary-paced world, employers are digging for these qualities in a candidate.

The course will give you a set of toolboxes to guide you about the required attributes and techniques of a role. It is formed from an employer’s opinion of a creative candidate.

11. Real-world Cloud Product Management Specialization by Advancing Women in Tech

Are you preparing to launch your career in the flourishing cloud computing industry? Then, the Real-world Cloud Product Management Specialization course, sponsored by AWS is the solution for you.

It is a complete package to prepare you for your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. You will learn to leave a promising impression to start your career. And, how to boost your cloud-computing profession.

It is a well-crafted course by Nancy Wang, founder of Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT). It will give you a comprehensive understanding of cloud product management in detail.

The course gives realistic guidance to meet the expectations of hiring managers. It will improve your chances at joining the top cloud-providing companies.

Benefits of Taking Product Management Courses on Coursera

Coursera as a platform offers a range of product management courses to select the best choice for you. It gives you the flexibility to pursue the courses at your own pace.

The product management courses on Coursera are provided by top universities and companies. The instructors are industry experts and the lessons are tailored for everyone. You will get the opportunity to avail knowledge, skills and techniques from the real experiences of these instructors.

Thus, there are many advantages of learning Coursera product management courses. They are as follows:

  • Flexible pace of learning
  • Graded practice tests and quizzes
  • Reading material for reference
  • Lessons by experts from corporate organizations or higher education instructors
  • Affordable pricing
  • An intuitive interface
  • A variety of choices to choose from
  • Shareable certificate on course completion

3 Ways to Enroll in Coursera Product Management Courses


Coursera PlusBest Option

With Coursera Plus, you can get access to all the above mentioned coursera product management courses. You don’t have to buy courses individually.

Best part is you’ll also get access to more than 7,000 Coursera courses with the Coursera Plus subscription. You can also get unlimited certificates.


Buy a Single CourseOne at a time

If you just want to try one product management course on coursera, then you can simply purchase that single course. You’ll get complete access to the course you buy.

But I would recommend you Coursera Plus instead of taking this option. And that is for a simple reason, Value for money. If you compare the cost of one course to Coursera Plus, you’ll definitely see the difference.


Audit the CourseLearn for FREE

If you don’t want the certificates but if you just want to learn, you can choose the audit option. With this option, you can enroll in a course for free and get access to most of the course content like videos, articles, etc. to learn product management from it.

You’ll see this audit option only in individual course page. It won’t be available directly in specialisation or professional certificate page.

Please note that for some courses you won’t see an audit option.


In conclusion, these Coursera courses offer top-notch training in product management. It provides you with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

Irrespective of where you are in your product management career, whether a beginner who wants to start a career or an intermediate employee aspiring for professional growth, either can pursue these product management courses.

So, I hope this list was helpful in your search for the best product management course on Coursera.

All the best with your product management career.


1. What will I learn in a product management course?

A product management course guides you with aspects of managing a product’s lifecycle. It will teach you the necessary technical and ethical skills. You will also learn appropriate strategies to use for the best performance.

2. What skills must a product manager own?

In any business, the product team is the heart and mind of the project. It handles carrying out all the important functions of the product management system.

It comprises ideation, prototype development, market launch, and strategic analysis. This is to ensure the long-term value of the product through analysis.

Thus, the following are some of the required qualities a product manager must possess:

  • Prioritization skills
  • Research and Analytics skills
  • Road mapping
  • Creative Thinking
  • Technical skills
  • User-centric approach

3. What is Product Management?

The term product management refers to the practice of handling the 360Β° life cycle of a product. It begins from strategizing to conceptualizing until the marketing.

It is a detailed procedure of strategic planning, development, launching, and marketing. Also, products are nurtured to be able to thrive in the market through feedback and analysis.

A product manager looks after every stage of the strategic product management process. The duties of a product manager generally differ from organization to organization. Yet the core skills for their role remain the same.

4. Why is Product Management Necessary?

The concept of product management is very crucial for a business. It is a disciplined form of aligning customer needs and company goals with a product or service.

It is the product management system that creates a roadmap for a product’s lifestyle. A product management team resonates with the responsibility of exploring new business opportunities. in the market.

In a fast-paced world, where businesses are evolving every day, having core product management skills is a necessity. It is important for product managers to boost their careers with these skills.

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