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Unstop Interview Prep Program for Top Companies

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Unstop has launched #5DayInterviewPrep Program through which you’ll get to prepare for the recruitment process, right from assessments to the interview, of your dream company in just 5 days.

You’ll be able to improve your skills while relaxing in the comfort of your home by answering a variety of questions from the top companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Meta, Amazon, etc.

You can gain firsthand knowledge of the entire procedure coupled with a dash of self-assurance that will help you conquer the placement game!

What’s best? The entire hiring process is broken down into 5 days so you can concentrate on one element at a time and fully comprehend the requirements.

Unstop Interview Prep Program Highlights

  • Multiple Problem Statements – Practice with a set of problem statements with varying levels of difficulty that help you learn and upskill.
  • Free of Cost – All company processes are available FREE of cost, with no charges at any step. So, don’t worry about the money, focus on your dream company.
  • Guidance from Industry Experts – Industry experts from companies will mentor you and help you understand the journey ahead from their experience.
  • Preparation for your Dream Company in 5 Days – 5 days is all it will take to prepare for the recruitment process of your dream company.

Interview Preparation Programs

Unstop #5DayInterviewPrep provides you with individual interview preparation program for each company listed below.

How to Register?

  1. Click Here to visit Unstop #5DayInterviewPrep page.
  2. Choose your dream company (from given list)
  3. Visit the interview preparation program page of that particular company which you chose.
  4. Log in to your Unstop account. If you don’t have one, create here.
  5. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Register” button and complete your registration.
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