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Pluralsight Free Monthly Courses – Free Certificate

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Get 5 free courses every month in Pluralsight through their Free Monthly Courses campaign, which can help you develop your tech skills with expert-led lectures and more.

Pluralsight Free Monthly Courses

Here is the list of courses that you can get free access in the upcoming months.

August 2023 - UX Design

  • Adobe XD CC Fundamentals
  • UX Content Strategy
  • UX Accessibility
  • UX Design Systems
  • Photoshop CC Fundamentals

September 2023 - JAVASCRIPT

  • JavaScript: Getting Started
  • Building a JavaScript Development Environment
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture
  • JavaScript Objects and Prototypes
  • JavaScript Fundamentals

October 2023 - Kubernetes

  • Getting Started with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Installation and Configuration Fundamentals
  • Kubernetes for Developers: Core Concepts
  • Managing the Kubernetes API Server and Pods
  • Leveraging Advanced Features on the Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine

June - AZURE

  • Azure Functions Fundamentals
  • Creating and Configuring Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts
  • Microsoft Azure: The Big Picture
  • Design a Networking Strategy for Microsoft Azure
  • Building Streaming Data Pipelines in Microsoft Azure

Watch the video below to get more details about the offer and for the registration process.

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