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Newtum Free Courses with Free Certificate

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An online learning platform called Newtum offers technical education on various topics like blockchain, programming languages, and more to everyone from young children to highly skilled professionals.

The 3-way training technique used by Newtum begins with a video, followed by tutor explanations and a question-and-answer period for the students. Newtum courses are presented and created using real-world examples so that even young children may easily comprehend the technical facets of technology.

Newtum offers free courses to learn python, html and C programming.

Newtum Free Courses

1. Core Python Certification

This 5 hours python course in Newtum is taught by Shailendra Bramhvanshi who has over 12 years of IT experience.

You can learn all the modules of Python in this single course, everything included from Core Python to database and NumPy. The curriculum has 17 modules which covers topics like operators, loops, input/output, exception handling, etc.

  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Total Sessions: 74
  • Language: English
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Validity: Lifetime
  • Certificate: Yes

2. HTML Course Certification By IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial

The course covers the fundamentals of HTML to assist you in learning the language and comprehending how web pages function.

An introduction to HTML, formatting tags, element tags, tables, and HTML multi-media management will all be covered. Thus, we think knowing HTML is the first thing you should start doing whether you want to work as a web developer, software developer, or establish your own startup.

With the help of this course, you may easily learn HTML online at your own pace and convenience.

3. C Programming

By taking this course, you will completely understand all the fundamentals of the C Programming Language. You will learn the way to create your first C Application and get complete knowledge about the variables and the different data types.

You will also come to know about the core language and its uses on real-time products. You will start to write high-quality code after completing this course.

Currently, Newtum offers only these 3 courses for free of cost. These courses are open to all and the students who complete the course successfully can also earn a free course completion certificate.

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