MIT Free Supply Chain Management Courses

Get free supply chain management online courses that are offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). You can also earn a certificate (paid) for completing some of the courses listed below.

MIT Free Supply Chain Management Courses

1. Supply Chain Fundamentals

Learn fundamental concepts for logistics and supply chain management from both analytical and practical perspectives.

  • Incorporate and manage uncertainty and risk within supply chain management
  • Segment different customers, products, and channels and design an optimal portfolio of logistics approaches and strategies for these various segments
  • Identify, design, and implement the appropriate forecasting methodology for each segment
  • Identify, design, and implement the appropriate inventory replenishment policy for each segment
  • Select the optimal transportation routing and modal choice for each segment

2. Supply Chain Analytics

Master and apply the core methodologies used in supply chain analysis and modeling, including statistics, regression, optimization and probability.

  • Basic analytical methods
  • How to apply basic probability models
  • Statistics in supply chains
  • Formulating and solving optimization models

3. Supply Chain Design

Learn how to design and optimize the physical, financial, and information flows of a supply chain to enhance business performance.

  • Network Design and Facility Location
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Production planning
  • Demand management and Sales & Operations Planning

4. Supply Chain Dynamics

Learn how to manage and harness the dynamics and interactions between firms and entities within a supply chain.

  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supply Chain Dynamics
  • End to End Supply Chain Management

5. Supply Chain Technology and Systems

Learn how technology is used in supply chain systems from fundamental concepts to innovative applications.

  • Fundamental IT concepts
  • Supply Chain Management systems
  • Analysis of data from supply chain systems

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