Kaggle Free Courses with Certificate

Get free online courses offered by Kaggle, a Google LLC subsidiary, is an online forum for data science and machine learning enthusiasts. Learn the fundamentals of python, machine learning, data science, SQL and a lot more trending subjects.

You can also earn a free certificate after completing the courses. To earn a certificate, you must complete all the lessons, tutorials, and exercises in each course.

Kaggle Free Courses

  1. Python – Enroll for Free
  2. Intro to Machine Learning Enroll for Free
  3. Data Visualization Enroll for Free
  4. Intro to SQL Enroll for Free
  5. Intro to Deep Learning Enroll for Free
  6. Pandas Enroll for Free
  7. Intermediate Machine Learning Enroll for Free
  8. Feature Engineering Enroll for Free
  9. Advanced SQL Enroll for Free
  10. Computer Vision Enroll for Free
  11. Time Series Enroll for Free
  12. Data Cleaning Enroll for Free
  13. Intro to AI Ethics Enroll for Free
  14. Geospatial Analysis Enroll for Free
  15. Machine Learning Explainability Enroll for Free
  16. Intro to Game AI and Reinforcement Learning Enroll for Free

Watch the video below to get more details about the registration process and on how to enroll in the free courses offered by Kaggle.

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