Google Offers Free Live Training through Digital Garage

Get started and access free live webinar training designed by google to help you develop new skills.


  1. Digital Marketing Strategy with Wenta
  2. Get Started with Digital Advertising
  3. Social Media Strategy
  4. Writing for Social Media
  5. Productivity for Working Remotely
  6. Get Started with Live Streaming
  7. Build Your Personal Brand Online
  8. Build Engaging Presentations
  9. Build a CV & Write a Cover Letter
  10. Find Your Career Goals
  11. Digital Marketing Strategy
  12. Get Started with Analytics
  13. Set Up Your Online Shop
  14. Safety First: Protect Yourself Online in partnership with Which?
  15. Keep Your Family Safe Online with Internet Matters
  16. Get Your Business Visible on Google
  17. Find Customers with Google Maps
  18. Create Videos with YouTube
  19. YouTube for Your Brand
  20. Get Started with Digital Advertising with Top Drawer
  21. Get Your Business Visible on Google with Wenta

Watch the video below to get more details about the registration process for the Google Free Live Training.

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