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Free Customer Service Courses on LinkedIn Learning

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Try these free customer service courses from LinkedIn Learning to become a professional customer service specialist.

free customer service courses

Become a customer service specialist by learning skills from LinkedIn Learning. Learn to listen to customer needs and build rapport with those you’re helping.

Top in-demand skills: Customer satisfaction & experience, data entry, CRM, admin analysis


Here are 8 free courses for learning customer service with more than 5 hours of content and you can also get a free certificate after completing each of these courses. 

1. Customer Service Foundations

Instructor: Jeff Toister | Level: Beginner | Duration: 1.5 hours

Make your customers feel valued. Learn practical techniques for delivering outstanding customer service and increasing customer loyalty.

2. Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

Instructor: Noah Fleming | Level: Beginner | Duration: 0.5 hours

Learn critical problem-solving and troubleshooting processes for common sense customer service in a wide variety of applications.

3. Building Rapport with Customers

Instructor: Myra Golden | Level: General | Duration: 0.5 hours

Forge a human connection with your customers. Learn how to establish rapport within the first few seconds of a customer service interaction.

4. Customer Service: Call Control Strategies

Instructor: Myra Golden | Level: Intermediate | Duration: 0.5 hours

Get tips for communicating on the phone with upset customers. Discover time-saving call-control strategies to move customer issues to resolution.

5. Customer Service: Handling Abusive Customers

Instructor: David Brownlee | Level: Beginner | Duration: 0.75 hours

Learn strategies and techniques for handling abusive customers. Discover how to diffuse and refocus negative customer service interactions.

6. Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers

Instructor: Myra Golden | Level: Intermediate | Duration: 0.5 hours

Learn how to put a positive slant on a negative situation, and leave your customers feeling heard and valued.

7. De-Escalating Intense Situations

Instructor: Myra Golden | Level: Advanced | Duration: 1 hour

Successfully defuse intense situations with angry customers. Learn practical approaches for managing a customer’s frustration, as well as your own.

8. Customer Service: Serving Customers Through Chat and Text

Instructor: Leslie O’Flahavan | Level: Intermediate | Duration: 0.5 hours

Provide top-notch customer service in the channels people love to use. Develop your chat and text writing skills to handle live, rapid-fire conversations.

You can make use of these free customer service courses and also get free certificate after completing these courses. 

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