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EC-Council CodeRed Free Courses [Free Certificates]

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EC-Council’s CodeRed is an e-learning platform which has has complete course library comprising of cybersecurity courses, IT courses, data science and much more.

Learn the skills that will set you apart from your competitors, including advanced penetration testing, digital forensics, and programming principles. Get free access right away to 20+ comprehensive cybersecurity courses.

CodeRed Free Courses

CodeRed offers more than 20 courses for free and you can also earn a free certificate after completing the courses.

1. Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE)

Ethical Hacking Essentials is an introductory cybersecurity course that covers ethical hacking and penetration testing fundamentals in 15 hours and prepares you for a career in cybersecurity.

This course will introduce you to computer and network security concepts such as threats and vulnerabilities, password cracking, web application attacks, IoT and OT attacks, cloud computing, pentesting fundamentals, and more.

2. Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE)

This course will help you master Computer Forensics Fundamentals as well as the Computer Forensics Investigation Process. You’ll learn about Dark Web, Windows, Linux, Malware Forensics, and so much more!

3. Network Defense Essentials (NDE)

This NDE course will give you a holistic overview of the key components of Information Security such as Identification, Authentication and Authorization, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Wireless Networks, Mobile and IoT Devices, and Data Security.

4. Cybersecurity for Businesses – The Fundamental Edition

After completing this course, you will have gained a significant amount of knowledge and insight that will help you best protect your business or train your employees on cybersecurity.

5. Python for Absolute Beginners

This course will provide you with the information you need to begin coding with Python 3 and was created for beginners with little to no programming experience.

6. Introduction to Dark Web, Anonymity, and Cryptocurrency

In this course, you will learn how to utilise the Tor Browser and Proxychain efficiently, access the dark web safely, and access information while remaining completely anonymous to everyone.

7. Android Bug Bounty Hunting: Hunt Like a Rat

You will first learn how to set up your own android mobile penetration testing lab in this course and after that, you will be taught a solid methodology you can build upon and expand to grow into the amazing hacker you deserve to be.

8. SQL Injection Attacks

You will study the fundamentals of SQL Injection attacks, how to use the Kali Linux database penetration testing tools, and how to carry out SQL Injection attacks in this course.

9. A Practical Introduction to Cloud Computing

This course is intended to dispel the many misconceptions about cloud computing and present you with a precise and simple explanation of what it is, how it operates, the various options available, the benefits offered, and how much it will cost.

10. Cisco LABS Crash Course

The Cisco IOS Router will be configured as a DHCP Server after we have connected it to the Internet using the DHCP Client to start the course. Then, you’ll discover how to set up Port Address Translation on a Cisco IOS Router.

You will be an expert at Cisco Labs at the end of this course.

11. Introduction to SAN and NAS Storage

You will learn the information required to comprehend SAN and NAS storage in this course. With the help of practical lab exercises, you’ll study the theory behind the CIFS (SMB), NFS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE protocols and see how to set up the storage system and establish a connection with the client.

12. Configure Juniper SRX Router Using J-Web

You will learn how to connect to the Juniper SRX router using console and J-Web as well as how to set up the router using J-Web to share internet with internal LAN devices in this course.

13. Build Your Own NetApp Storage Lab

This course demonstrates how to construct an entirely functional and finished NetApp simulator lab using ONTAP 9, the most recent operating system from NetApp.

14. Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Throughout the course, you will learn how to utilise the Raspberry Pi as a cost effective computer by connecting it to a keyboard and display. You will also learn how to communicate with the hardware of the Pi, which is something you would not often do with a desktop or laptop computer.

15. Raspberry Pi Based Smart Emergency Alert System Helmet

You will discover how to identify accident incidence without human input in this course. You will learn how to use a Raspberry Pi Zero along with a GPS module, vibration sensor, and alcohol sensor in this course.

After taking this course, you will be able to work with data from servers and Raspberry Pis, find the closest hospital to the accident site using the Google Maps API, and send automated text alerts using free SMS clients.

16. Hardware Projects using Raspberry Pi

You should be able to create your own physical devices that the Raspberry Pi controls once you complete this course. Additionally, you’ll discover how to create custom Python code that works with the real world.

17. DIY Bluetooth Phone Controlled BB-8 Droid with Arduino

Anyone who is interested in developing a working BB-8 droid robot to be controlled remotely via a smartphone application should take this course. You will also learn how to play the music with an SD card adapter module.

18. Introduction to TypeScript

The new Microsoft language, TypeScript, which was inspired by JavaScript, will be covered in this course. You will learn the foundational concepts of TypeScript required for junior workplace abilities in the introductory TypeScript course.

19. Ultimate JavaScript Strings

This course will provide you a strong foundation to finally conquer all the evil and cunning facets of JavaScript.

You will learn to recognize and describe strings, combine the strings of different strings, swap out certain strings, use template strings from ES6 and more in this course.

20. Learn Brackets – The Open Source Text Editor

In this tutorial series, we’ll work our way through Brackets from beginning to end, first learning some of the history behind it, then setting it up, and eventually getting to know all of its capabilities.

21. Learn Python 3 with Turtle

This is a step-by-step Python 3 programming language tutorial for beginners. The first component of this course teaches Python’s fundamentals. You’ll learn how to build up the environment in the second segment. In the last section, you’ll use Turtle, Python’s renowned graphics module, to produce stunning visualisations.

22. Selenium Automation Testing for Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of the Selenium automation tool in this course, including how to set it up and run code on the Chrome browser. You’ll also learn to use Selenium WebDriver locators and identifiers to locate web items on a web page and synchronise your test application with the Selenium code.


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