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11 Best Unreal Engine Courses on Udemy

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Do you aspire to be a future game developer? Are you looking for online courses to learn unreal engine? Then, worry not! I’m here to guide you.

If you’re a hardcore gamer, then you must have already heard of this technology. Universes beyond your wildest imaginations are possible with Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine is the world’s most advanced 3D creation tool. It can create immersive experiences and mind blowing visuals. This tool creates simulations and animations in video games. It is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D Creation tool.

Unreal Engine is used for developing captivating games across various genres. Some of the most popular games in today’s market like Fortnite, Borderlands etc., use this technology.

This technology has its applications in the film and television industry too. HBO’s “Westworld” and Disney’s “The Mandalorian” use this technology.

Unreal engine has its applications in visualisation purposes across various industries. Engineering, Construction and various other fields use this technology.

The best part is that you can also master this technology by taking a course from our list of best Unreal Engine courses on Udemy.

All these Udemy Unreal Engine courses are affordable and easily accessible. You can learn at your own pace as per your comfort. You can also earn a certificate after completing a course.

The world’s best mentors would guide you along the way. Also, you’d get to build your own games too. Sounds fun, right?

Here’s a detailed description of the top courses on Unreal Engines available in Udemy.

1. Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer: Learn C++ & Make Video Games

This course focuses on the C++ Programming Language. It is the standard language of the gaming industry. With this course, you can achieve anything you want in Unreal Engine with the help of C++.

This course also comprises Game design principles and Artificial Intelligence Behaviour. This course goes through constant revisions according to the recent trends.

This course has a collaboration with Epic Games. It’s created by a team of top class instructors. Ben Tristem is the lead instructor.

The course is very beginner friendly.

Learners would practice through hands-on projects throughout the course. With this course, you could create your own 5 Unreal games. And nothing could be more empowering than that for an aspiring gamer.

By the end of the course, you’ll be very confident in both C++ as well as the Unreal Engine ecosystem. This is one of the best C++ Unreal Engine Course available online.

What you'll learn in Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer

2. Unreal Engine 5: The Complete Beginner’s Course

You can learn to design a game from scratch with the help of this course. Do you want to build realistic and immersive gaming environments? Then you’re at the right place.

This course would go through various updates on a regular basis. It covers the most recent versions of the Unreal Engines. Also, it covers all the fundamentals of the Unreal Engine in an accessible manner.

There are tutorials after each session. These help the learners apply the knowledge gained in that section. These tutorials come with step-by-step instructions. With the tutorials, you could understand the process of creating a working game.

The course is developed by David Nixon. He is a professional software developer and an amateur game developer. He is well-regarded for his expertise in the field of game development.

This Udemy Unreal Engine course is exclusive for people who aren’t very enthusiastic about the coding part. You can learn this entire course without needing to know how to code.

What you'll learn in Unreal Engine 5: The Complete Beginner's Course

3. Unreal Engine 5 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

This course comprises a blend of both C++ Language as well as Unreal Engine 5. Here, you get to create your own Action-RPG Style Open World Game with a third person character. This is certainly one of the best Unreal Engine Courses on Udemy.

Another unique feature of this course is the Quixel Megascans. You can create level designs and realistic scenes with this technology. Unreal Engine’s latest features like Motion Warping & MetaSounds are taught here.

With this course, you can bring all your creative visions to life. This also teaches the best coding practices for game development.

Stephen Ulibarri is the mentor for the course. He’s an expert in the domains of game development and problem-solving. He’s also the author of the book “Unreal Engine C++: The Ultimate Developer’s Handbook“.

This online Unreal Engine course is nuanced and detailed. It manages to keep the learners hooked from the start to the completion.

What you'll learn in Unreal Engine 5 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course by Stephen Ulibarri

4. Unreal C++ Multiplayer Master: Intermediate Game Development

If you’re already familiar with the basics of unreal engines, then this course is for you. This course focuses on local & online multiplayer game development. On completion, you’d be able to fully leverage the features of unreal engines.

The course is for intermediate learners though. Still, you don’t have to be familiar with networking or multiplayer games. Those concepts are taught in great detail.

This course also comes with a free community site. You can use this to share your games and 3D models. It also helps you to learn with other students.

World-Class Instructors in collaboration with Epic Games have created this course. This course aims to make the new features of Unreal engines easy and accessible.

The course creates strong fundamentals in creating multiplayer games using unreal engines. This knowledge would play a key role in developing further advanced games. This Unreal Engine course on Udemy is really worth it.

What you'll learn in Unreal C++ Multiplayer Master: Intermediate Game Development Course

5. Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer Shooter

In this course, you can compete with your fellow learners in multiplayer games. How cool is that? You get to create everything from assault rifles to throwing grenades.

It is a comprehensive C++ course. As you learn, you can create your own multiplayer shooter game. This game has its own custom plugin that can be added to any unreal engine.

This course is not designed for beginners. A basic knowledge of C++ and Unreal Engines expected.

Stephen Ulibarri would be your Course Instructor. He has developed various courses on Unreal Engines for Beginners too. He’s also the author of the book ‘Unreal Engine C++: The Ultimate Developers’ Handbook’.

Hands down, this is the best advanced Unreal Engine course on Udemy. You can learn how Game Mode, Player Controller and many more features work in a multiplayer game. An adventure packed experience for sure.

What you'll learn in Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer Shooter Course

6. Unreal Engine 5 Megacourse: Create Games in UE5 & Blender

This course provides you with the skills required to succeed in the Gaming Industry. It focuses on Blenders along with the Unreal Engines. You can gain a thorough understanding of the technical requirements of game development.

You would learn everything from the pre production to prototyping with this course. This course teaches Blender Technology. As a result, tasks like key frame creation etc. become a lot less complicated .

This Unreal Engine 5 course is for beginners with no prior experience required. To learn new styles and work with different softwares, this course is the perfect choice for you.

An expert team from ‘Creativity Unleashed’ designed this course. The Instructors have years of experience in both Game Development & 3D Design. Explanations of the theoretical and practical concepts of the technology are on point .

This is for everyone looking forward to improving their game development skills.

What you'll learn in Unreal Engine 5 Megacourse: Create Games in UE5 & Blender

7. Unreal Engine 5 (UE5): Complete Beginners Course

You’re at the right place to begin your game development journey. Unreal Engines have made it easier to start your game development journey.

The entire layout of Unreal Engines is covered in this course. This course would introduce you to UE5 Metahumans. It also teaches you to import and animate characters from scratch.

This course takes you from zero to a pro in game development. The course content comprises Materials and Shaders. These are crucial in the game development process.

The creator of this course is Tyler DeLange. He’s an analytical professional. He has in-depth knowledge of both 3D Design and Data Technologies. He does a great job in imparting his technical wisdom in this course.

If you’re searching for a course that explains every step in detail, this is an apt choice for you. It also introduces you to the Unreal VFX system ‘Niagra’.

8. Unreal Engine 4 Mastery: Create Multiplayer Games with C++

This course teaches you all about unleashing the power of C++ and Blueprint to build mind blowing games. The best part is that the Epic Games gave their approval to this course.

With this course, you can discover the power of C++ to build games in Unreal Engine. You can create many types of Artificial Intelligence within Unreal Engines. By the end, you would be able to write clear code that is modifiable by Blueprint.

This course enables you to master the fundamentals to build your own dream game in the future. It challenges you with fun activities that test your programming knowledge.

Tom Looman is the Course Instructor. He has worked with Unreal Engine both as an indie developer and as an engineer. He’s an expert in Game Development. He has created about 70+ Samples for the Unreal Engine Community.

9. Unreal Engine 4 C++ The Ultimate Game Development Course

Here, you can learn how to develop, code and package a complete video game in an unreal engine. For experienced game developers, this course will further expand their skills.

This course aims to make one an expert in various areas of game development. Those areas include Combat, Adventure Game Mechanics, Platforms and Menu Design.

This course, however, requires a basic understanding of the C++ Programming Language. It is designed for intermediate learners.

For aspiring game programmers, this course would be a perfect choice. Anyone who wants to create a whole new game could go for this course too.

Stephen Ulibarri is the course instructor. He has developed various courses on Unreal Engines for beginners too.

If your basics are strong, then this course would make you an expert in game development.

10. Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop Your First Two Games

This course has the stamp of Epic Games’ Approval. If you want to master the gameplay framework, then you’ve reached your destination. Here, you can use Blueprint to program without coding.

The course is designed to build your fundamentals strong. Intermediate learners can get started by creating 3 unique projects of their own.

You can also get introduced to the core competency with the editor. This course teaches you how your engine works to make your project run efficiently.

The Course Instructor is Christopher Murphy. He’s an Evangelist for Unreal Engines and the Director of Pub Games. His expertise in the field is a massive add-on to the course.

You get to develop two games – A Pinball and A Survivor game, with this course. This makes the course one of the best Unreal Engine courses on Udemy for practical learning.

11. Procedural Animation for Humans in Unreal Engine 5

This course focuses on Procedural Animation. This would help you to create a dynamic and flexible animation system. It also enables you to control every aspect of the character’s walk and run style.

The concepts learnt in this course are applicable for non-human animations too. Procedural Animations provide the best solutions for creating animation that are adaptive.

You don’t need any prior experience with animations or control rigs for this course. Familiarity with unreal engines would be an added advantage.

Lincoln Marigon would be your course instructor. He’s a Game Developer with 15+ years of experience. His experience in the field of technical animations is bound to benefit all his learners.

This course is for animation enthusiasts and is very specific. This is one of the best Unreal Engine courses available online for game animations.

What you'll learn in Procedural animation for humans in Unreal Engine 5 Course

Selection Criteria

Let me tell you how i selected this list of best Udemy courses for Unreal Engine learning.

Personal Experience: I have completed some of the Udemy Unreal Engine courses. This hands-on experience helped me directly assess the quality of these courses. My personal favourite is Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer course by Ben Tristem, the founder of GameDev tv.

Hands-On Learning: I prioritized courses that offered practical projects and exercises.

Content Depth: I picked courses that covered a wide range of topics about Unreal Engine. It was important to me that the course didn’t leave any gaps in the learning journey.

Instructor Quality: The instructor’s expertise matters a lot to me. I leaned towards courses led by experts in the game development field.

Student Feedback: I paid attention to what previous students had to say about a course. I considered their feedback and rating seriously.

Final Words

With this, our list of some amazing Unreal Engine Courses comes to an end. Unreal Engine is the current lifeblood of gaming technology. Therefore, it is important that every game development enthusiast learns this.

We highly recommend you all to check out this list of 11 best Unreal Engine courses on Udemy. You can choose one according to your needs and start exploring.

Have a great learning experience!

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