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Best Courses for Girls after 12th

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Gone are the days when girls were limited in their choices after 12th class. Girls now have options like Engineering, BBA, MBA, Medical, etc. The decision they need to make is – what course should they take?

They should start by deciding what they want to do as a career and then choose the course accordingly.

The choice of the course itself depends on many factors such as – aptitude, interest, hobbies, parents’ wish and finally financial status. 

In this article, we will offer some insights on the best courses for girls after 12th class and what girls can do after 12th class so that they can make an informed decision before joining a college of their choice.

7 Best Courses for Girls after 12th

The first question in most of the girl’s mind after the 12th class is, what should I do now?. If you are one among them, here are the 7 best courses to choose from. Save your time.

1. Engineering

After completing the 12th class, girls may be interested in engineering. There is no doubt that engineering is one of the best courses for girls after the 12th class. It is a science-based course and thus, has more scope for higher study and research. A good engineer has a huge list of options from which to choose in terms of jobs. Many colleges offer engineering programs that are challenging and offer a lot of opportunities for professional development.

2. Medical

After completing the 12th class, girls now have an option to pursue a career in medicine. There are several medical courses that offer a good career for girls. For example; BPT, MBBS, BDS, etc. Medical is one of the most rewarding careers for a girl, both socially and financially. Not only does it promise a high wage, but it also assures them a secure job after graduation. They will be able to settle down in a great city that offers a nice social and cultural environment.

3. IT and Software development

If girls have skills in the field of IT, they will have an opportunity for a better career. Girls will be able to opt for several IT programs which are in high demand all over the world. They will get a chance to work either in an IT firm or develop software independently. 

There are many universities that offer software engineering and computer science courses. These courses provide high salaries on completion, as well as a high number of job opportunities.

4. Business and Management

There is no denying the fact that girls can earn a good amount of money in business. While it is necessary to have a business degree before venturing into this field, a course in finance and marketing is also part of the curriculum. Business courses provide numerous career options. For example BBA, MBA, etc. If they are the kind who likes to take initiative and work hard, they should opt for this course.

5. Journalism

Girls can pursue a course in journalism. Whichever stream they choose, they will learn how to gather information, analyze it, and present it in a clear and structured format. With this skill, they can get a job as a journalist. A career in journalism is challenging but extremely rewarding as well. There are several careers that are offered to them once they complete the course, such as writing and editing, sourcing, and news reporting. The salary range is also high in this field and they can get into a job immediately after completion of their degree.

6. Law

Law is one of the most lucrative courses for girls. It is a challenging course that teaches you to think logically, creatively, and strategically. A law degree provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to prosecute and defend cases in court. After completion, a law degree girl can become a prosecutor, a defense attorney, or a judge. This is a course that will place them in a higher bracket financially as well. In addition to the salary, they have a good chance to work in a well-known law firm.

7. Fashion Designing and Visual Merchandising

If they are interested in fashion design, they can opt for this course. Whether they want to design their own clothes or find a job with a designer label, this is a course that will train them in every aspect of design. they will learn how to draft patterns, create embroideries and even design their own clothing line. By the end of the course, they will be able to make a living out of designing and selling your clothes.

8. Accountancy

Accountancy is an interesting career option for girls and one of the best courses for girls after the 12th class. This is a course that teaches them all aspects of accounting. There are many companies that are looking for female accountants now. As the world of business keeps on growing, accounting is a course that promises good future prospects. They will learn about open books, maintain registers, balance the accounts, and other functions related to accounting. The course prepares them for government posts as well.

All these courses are some of the best courses for girls after the 12th class. However, once they choose a course, they must ensure that they complete it with good grades.

While the world has welcomed women in the workforce, they still require a degree to be eligible for some of the best jobs. Therefore, it is advisable that they choose a course that will give them a good career and also pay well. They can earn a good amount of money in any of these fields and lead a comfortable life. they should take time to compare each course and select the course that works for them and that meets all their criteria.

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