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10 Best Business Courses on Coursera

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If you want to get into the finance or business industry, perhaps to start your own company and work for yourself, you will most likely attend one of the prestigious universities and earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree so that you are confident that you know exactly what you should do to begin following your passion.

A college education is extremely expensive, and many people cannot afford it. But what if I told you that you can take online classes that are significantly less expensive than college and are also offered by these major universities via a platform called Coursera.

This article will show you some of the best business courses on coursera, created by many prestigious universities to teach you finance, entrepreneurship, and how to start your own business.

best business courses coursera

1. Business Foundations: University of Pennsylvania

You will gain basic literacy in business language through this business specialization course, which you can use to transition to a new career, start or improve your own small business, or apply to business school to further continue your education.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of marketing, accounting, operations, and finance in just five modules.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Financial Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Decision-Making

2. How to Start Your Own Business: Michigan State University

This specialization course will guide you through the process of starting your own business. You will go over a series of topics that are essential for starting a successful business, such as mindset, ideation, planning, action, and strategy. Rather than simply telling you what to do, the emphasis will be on guiding you through the process of doing it.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Understanding Startup
  • Planning
  • Entrepreneurship

3. Entrepreneurship: University of Pennsylvania

Entrepreneurship is a specialization that focuses on the conception, design, organization, and management of new businesses. This five-course series will guide you through the process of identifying opportunities, launching them, growing them, financing them, and profiting from them.

You’ll gain an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills needed to start a new business with the potential for growth and funding or to identify and pursue opportunities for growth within an existing organization.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Business Development Strategies
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Planning
  • Brand Administration
  • Marketing

4. Introduction to Business: University of California, Irvine

This specialization is designed for new business professionals who want to improve their management, leadership, finance, and digital marketing skills with the ultimate goal of preparing them to run or participate in the functioning of the company. 

Learners will cover people management, key leadership characteristics, strategic planning, search engine optimization strategies, content creation, common financial statements, cash flow, and expense management throughout the three courses.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Planning Strategically
  • Storytelling
  • Leadership Personality
  • Education and Training
  • Establishing Goals

5. Business Strategy: University of Virginia

This specialization course examines the dynamics as well as the global aspects of strategic management. You’ll learn how to assess industry evolution, create and sustain competitive advantage, develop and evaluate business strategies, and align efforts with organizational strategy.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Business Planning
  • Strategy for Innovation
  • Development strategy
  • Execution of Strategy

6. Business Analytics: University of Pennsylvania

This Specialization introduces all business professionals, including those with no prior analytics experience, to big data analytics. You’ll learn how data analysts describe, predict, and inform business decisions in marketing, human resources, finance, and operations. You’ll gain basic data literacy and an analytic mindset to help you make data-driven strategic decisions.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Customer Intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Mathematical Optimisation
  • Management of Talent
  • Performance Evaluation

7. Business and Financial Modeling: University of Pennsylvania

 The business and Financial Modeling Specialization course are intended to help in making sound business and financial decisions. These introductory specialization courses will teach you how to use spreadsheet models, modeling techniques, and common applications for investment analysis, company valuation, forecasting, and more. 

When you finish the Specialization, you’ll be able to describe realities, build scenarios, and predict performance using your data.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Solver
  • Risk
  • Flow of Cash

8. Business Value and Project Management: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In an era of thriving businesses, both large and small, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of the building blocks of a successful organization. Building, growing, and sustaining a successful business necessitates extensive knowledge in a variety of fields. 

This 6-course Specialization in Business Value and Project Management will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of three key aspects of the business – Financial Accounting, Project Management, and Organizational Management.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Organizational Design
  • Financial Accounting 
  • Accounting
  • Financial Report
  • Statement of Cash Flow

9. Transforming the Fashion Business: Parsons School of Design, The New School

In this specialization, you will examine the fashion industry and how it can become a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable expression of itself. You’ll discover how fashion retail can create memorable, immersive, and innovative experiences that will help you and your brand remain relevant in an age of increased competition and shifting consumer models.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Fashion Designing
  • Retail Operations Management
  • Development & Research (R&D)

10. Information​ ​Systems: University of Minnesota

This specialization offers a thorough introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of information systems management. Further divided into four courses – Each course will address the issue of change management and discuss strategies and approaches for successful implementation.

You will learn the following skills:

  • Project Administration
  • Analytical Skills
  • Management
  • IT Knowledge and Skills

Final Words

That concludes our look at the top Coursera courses for Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Those are nearly the best courses and specializations offered by major universities for learning about business and starting to turn your ideas into an organization.

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