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9 Best Business Analytics Courses on Coursera

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Today, companies have tons of data, but figuring out what it all means can be tricky. That’s where business analytics comes in! It’s like a special tool that helps companies understand their data better. This helps them make good choices, improve their services, and even reach more people.

If you’re interested in learning about business analytics, Coursera is a great place to start. They have lots of courses through which we can learn from industry experts. So, give it a try and see what you can discover!

We’ll tell you about the 9 best business analytics courses on Coursera, so you can choose the best one for you. We’ll also give you tips for learning business analytics and point you to other helpful resources.

Best Business Analytics Courses on Coursera


Introduction to Business Analytics with R

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 16 hours
27,283 Students Enrolled

Introduction to Business Analytics: Communicating with Data

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 15 hours
44,167 Students Enrolled

Communicating Business Analytics Results

🧭 Intermediate Level πŸ•₯ 7 hours
25,221 Students Enrolled

Business Analytics for Decision Making

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 8 hours
83,737 Students Enrolled

Foundations of Strategic Business Analytics

🧭 Intermediate Level πŸ•₯ 7 hours
65,574 Students Enrolled

Introduction to Data Analytics for Business

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 11 hours
173,413 Students Enrolled

Machine Learning Algorithms with R in Business Analytics

🧭 Intermediate Level πŸ•₯ 14 hours
5,231 Students Enrolled

Business Analytics Executive Overview

🧭 Intermediate Level πŸ•₯ 17 hours
16,470 Students Enrolled

Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

🧭 Beginner Level πŸ•₯ 24 hours
216,832 Students Enrolled

1. Introduction to Business Analytics with R

Professionals navigating through businesses are required to capitalise on data analytics and this 4 weeks short course provides a foundational background for data processing skills.

Instructor Ronald Guymon has carefully designed the course content to suit all categories of learners.

The curriculum will take you through what is a data analytic language followed by ways to process that data using visualisations and algorithms.

As you learn the business analytic workflow you delve deep into the usages of the RStudio.

Moreover, this University of Illinois sponsored best business analytics course is equivalent towards a MBA degree. 

2. Introduction to Business Analytics: Communicating with Data

This one course is the perfect foundational programme to apply data analytics to real-life settings.

You actually learn to implement the specific analytic tools suited for occasions.

So professionals gear up yourself as Kevin Hartman takes you through this quick and compact 4 week course which starts with the history of data visualisation followed by interpreting charts and diagrams and finally concluding with a flawless delivery on the McCandless Method.

3. Communicating Business Analytics Results

The business analytics process does not end with models predicting accuracy but the ability to communicate the results to those who make decisions is important.

Through this course you will learn to communicate the results of analytics to the stakeholders who do not understand the language of analytics.

This 4 weeks course designed by Manuel Laguna and sponsored by University of Colorado is one of the best business analytics courses on Coursera.

The module on telling and selling is one of the most interactive and engaging of sorts whereby you learn to tell compelling stories to communicate analytics. 

4. Business Analytics for Decision Making

Who has said that business analytics is only about contemplating diagrams and graphs?

This one course is all about things way beyond that whereby you learn cluster analysis, basics of Monte Carlo simulation, and identifying the best course of action.

Manuel Laguna will teach you hands-on optimisation circumscribing ways to develop a spreadsheet model.

The most exciting part is that learners who participate in the assignments will be able to get free access to the Analytic Solver Problem.

5. Foundations of Strategic Business Analytics

Learners who are eager to apply their statistical knowledge to business contexts, this Nicolas Glady designed 4 weeks, 4.4/5  rating course is for them.

First you will have an overview of strategic Business Analytics topics such as IT, Business and Communication and many others.

The module on finding groups within data is one of the most interactive ones whereby you learn to improve business efficiency.

This course however has a prerequisite for learners to know some basics of R programming and the fundamentals of databases. 

6. Introduction to Data Analytics for Business

This University of Colorado offered course instructed by David Torgerson exposes the learners a high level familiarity with relational databases and how to use SQL.

Spanning across 4 weeks this course will give learners an insight into how data is created, stored and accessed.

Equipped with computational abilities you are now job-ready for the market with the best business analytics course on Coursera.    

7. Machine Learning Algorithms with R in Business Analytics

In business analytics one of the most interesting aspects is finding patterns in the data and this course will teach you to conceptualise frameworks of ML algorithms, applying those to business data and many more alike.

The course curriculum takes you through EDA and logistic regression followed by DBSCAN and k-means.

So are you ready for a world-class learning experience with Jessen Hobson and his team absolutely free of cost only on Coursera.  

8. Business Analytics Executive Overview

This course offered by Illinois University is all about learning to map the breadth of analytic possibilities.

The most significant part of hands-on experience comes from exploring dozens of real-world analytics problems.

This 4 weeks, 4.6/5 rating course by Douglas B. Laney takes you through the fundamentals of analytics beyond spreadsheets and concludes with a five-step process of McCandless Method. 

9. Data Visualisation and Communication with Tableau

In this 5 weeks course by Daniel Egger you will learn to communicate business-relevant implications of data.

When stuck with a pile loads of data, Tableau can come to your rescue. One of the most significant visualisation techniques, tableau can create the most fascinating kinds of graphs, pie charts etc.

The course concludes with a hands-on project whereby you are required to give a 4-5 minute presentation in which you portray a data-driven business project using Tableau. So let your data stories do wonders! 

So learners, why wait any more? Just plunge into a whirlpool of the 9 best business analytics courses on Cousera and kick start a lucrative career in the industry.

3 Ways to Enroll in Coursera Business Analytics Courses


Coursera PlusBest Option

With Coursera Plus, you can get access to all the above mentioned coursera business analytics courses. You don’t have to buy courses individually.

Best part is you’ll also get access to more than 7,000 Coursera courses with the Coursera Plus subscription. You can also get unlimited certificates.


Buy a Single CourseOne at a time

If you just want to try one business analytics course on coursera, then you can simply purchase that single course. You’ll get complete access to the course you buy.

Bit I would recommend you Coursera Plus instead of this taking this option. And that is for a simple reason, Value for money. If you compare the cost of one course to Coursera Plus, you’ll definitely see the difference.


Audit the CourseLearn for FREE

If you don’t want the certificates but if you just want to learn, you can choose the audit option. With this option, you can enroll in a course for free and get access to most of the course content like videos, articles, etc. to learn business analytics from it.

You’ll see this audit option only in individual course page. It won’t be available directly in specialisation or professional certificate page.

Please note that for some courses you won’t see an audit option.

Why Learn Business Analytics?

Data is the new gold. If you want to get ahead in business, you need to know how to work with data. That is why we need more people with business analytics skills.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider learning business analytics.

  1. In-demand Skill: Many companies are looking for people who are good at business analytics. This includes companies in finance, marketing, consulting, and even healthcare! It’s a hot field!
  2. Level up: With these skills, you can move up in your current company or find a higher-level job at another company easily. Climb the ladder with confidence!
  3. More money: The more you know about business analytics, the more you can earn. It’s a simple equation: knowledge = money!
  4. You’re an asset: Business analytics can help businesses optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity. So if you use your skills properly, you can make invaluable contributions for the betterment of your company.
  5. Versatility: Business analytics skills are useful everywhere, in different jobs and industries. It’s a flexible skill. As things change in business, being good at business analytics will be highly valued.
  6. Continuous Learning and Growth: Business analytics is like a river. It’s always moving and changing, with new tools and methods coming along all the time. You’ll always be learning new things and using new tools to stay ahead of the game. This will help you have a successful career in this field for a long time!

Tips for Success

Taking a business analytics course on Coursera helps you learn a lot of skills relevant to this field.

To do really well in your course, try these:

1. Set Clear Goals and Expectations
  • Find out why you’re taking the course. What’s the purpose? Do you want to learn the basics of business analytics. Or you want to become an expert in one tool or technique? Answer this.
  • Have realistic expectations about the course outcomes.

By following these tips and dedicating yourself to the learning process, you can set yourself up for success in the business analytics field.

Final Words

Data is playing a key role in business these days, and we’ll be using it more in future to make better decisions.

The demand for qualified professionals is already rising in the business analytics field.

So, this is the perfect time to learn business analytics. I hope this list of best business analytics courses on Coursera will help you in finding the right one to start your journey.

Go ahead! Give your best and secure a future-proof career with ample opportunities.

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