Amazon Free Cybersecurity Awareness Training [Free Certificate]

Amazon offers free cybersecurity awareness training for any employee or individual who wants to better understand the most common cyber risks and what they can do to protect themselves and their organizations.

Amazon Free Cybersecurity Awareness Training

In August, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy joined President Joe Biden and other digital leaders at the White House’s Cyber Summit to examine how the private and public sectors might collaborate to improve cybersecurity. During the conference, Jassy revealed that Amazon would make the cybersecurity awareness training it provides to its workers free of charge to businesses and individuals throughout the world.

This training covers secure communication, data classification, phishing, physical security, social engineering, data privacy, third-party/application security, laptop standard, protect data, and acceptable use.

This training demonstrates how security behaviors and practices can protect sensitive information. It will help you identify and respond appropriately to common security risks.

The course consists of 12 short inclusive videos, each featuring a different language. The Closed Captions (CCs) will be in the language you selected. You will receive a certificate of completion after viewing all modules.

For Screen Reader users – although you may complete this course with a screen reader, text transcript is the suggested path, as it offers the least navigation friction.


Watch the video below for more details.

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