5 Free Big Data Courses by Great Learning

Get free big data courses that are offered by Great Learning and you can also earn a free certificate after completing these online courses.

Drive better business decisions with an overview of how big data is organized, analyzed, and interpreted. Apply your insights to real-world problems and questions.

Free Big Data Courses

1. Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

This course introduces Hadoop in terms of distributed systems and data processing systems. You will learn the basics of DFS and Hadoop Architecture.

Duration: 2 Hours

2. Hadoop: Map Reduce

This MapReduce tutorial will give you an overview of the MapReduce programming model using simple word counting examples. The tutorial first begins by introducing MapReduce and its approach by demonstrating it. Later, you will learn Hadoop and YARN architecture, HDFS advanced concepts, and configuration files in HDFS.

Duration: 2 Hours

3. Introduction to Apache Hive

You will learn internal and external table structures, reading data from different formats into Hive structure. With the help of an easy and intuitive explanation, you will get a good grasp of how to load data into Hive, querying techniques as well as generating views in Hive tables.

Duration: 3 Hours

4. Spark Basics

To begin with the course, you will be first learning Spark basics. Later, you will learn the differences between Hadoop and Spark. Spark can outperform Hadoop by 10x in iterative machine learning jobs and can be used to query a vast dataset with a sub-second response time interactively. Later, you will learn RDDs in this course.

Duration: 2 Hours

5. Spark: PySpark

In this PySpark tutorial, you will learn how our ability to collect and analyze data is evolving at an exponential rate.

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Big Data Specialization

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