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Upgrad Free Courses with Certificate

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UpGrad is an online higher education leader, one of the largest of its kind from South India. They offer free courses which will equip you with the most important skills that are highly in demand today. All these free courses offered by UpGrad are less than 8 hours and free of cost, making them accessible to anybody who wants to pick up on skills to sharpen. Check out this list we have made of all upGrad classes. All of these courses can only be accessed after you have registered with upGrad using your phone number and email ID.

Data Science Courses

Data science is currently a very popular career path and is also promising in future. Data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, data architect, statistician are just some of the career prospects in this field and its benefits are endlessly valuable. A data scientist requires to develop shrewdness in business matters and analytics skills to manage and organise unstructured data. 

Upgrad offers free data science courses and here they are:

  1. Programming with Python: Introduction for Beginners (13hrs) – Enroll for free
  2. Data Science in E-commerce (13hrs) – Enroll for free
  3. Introduction to Database Design with MySQL (8hrs) – Enroll for free
  4. Learn Basic Python Programming (12hrs) – Enroll for free
  5. Linear Algebra for Analysis (5hrs) – Enroll for free
  6. Learn Python Libraries: NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas (15hrs) – Enroll for free
  7. Advanced SQL: Functions and Formulas (11hrs) – Enroll for free
  8. Fundamentals of Deep Learning of Neural Networks (28hrs) – Enroll for free
  9. Basics of Inferential Statistics (15hrs) – Enroll for free
  10. Introduction to Natural Language Processing (11hrs) – Enroll for free
  11. Hypothesis Testing Crash Course (11hrs) – Enroll for free

Digital Marketing

We are in a digital world and marketing has moved digital too, through websites, social media and SEO.  There are pools of opportunities in the Digital Marketing field if you’re considering a career or even just a side hustle. Demands for digital marketing is available across a variety of industries. 

Here are 9 free digital marketing courses from Upgrad:

  1. Getting Influencer Marketing Right (20mins) – Enroll for free
  2. How do Brands Leverage User Generated Content (20mins) – Enroll for free
  3. Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing (4hrs) – Enroll for free
  4. Complete Guide to Content Marketing (5hrs) – Enroll for free
  5. Basics of Search Engine Marketing (6hrs) – Enroll for free
  6. Basics of Search Engine Optimization (6hrs) – Enroll for free
  7. Fundamentals of Marketing (6hrs) – Enroll for free
  8. Web Analytics Course for Beginners (7hrs) – Enroll for free
  9. Introduction to Social Media Marketing (6hrs) – Enroll for free

Machine Learning

Machine Learning skills are one of the most valuable technologies in huge demand today. The more technology the world is adapting to, the more data will be at hand. That makes it possible to make predictive models by studying this data and delivering more accurate services. The excess of data helps in making a more informed decision. Examples of where Machine Learning comes to use include Netflix recommendations and Facebook’s auto-tagging feature. The main goal of machine learning is to build predictive models to end a problem with an efficient solution.

  1. Unsupervised Learning: Clustering (11hrs) – Enroll for free
  2. Logistic Regression for Beginners (17hrs) – Enroll for free
  3. Linear Regression – Step by Step Guide (21hrs) – Enroll for free


IT skills can be used in many web-based and IT careers. Some job options around IT and Software include (but is not limited to) consultant, game developer, web developer, web designer, software engineer, sound designer, systems analyst etc Demand for Software developers is expected to rise by 21% by the year 2028. This is higher than the average growth of demand for almost all professions.

  1. Introduction to Product Management (8hrs) – Enroll for free
  2. Blockchain Technology: A Quick Introduction (9hrs) – Enroll for free
  3. React.js For Beginners (14hrs) – Enroll for free
  4. Node.js For Beginners (14hrs) – Enroll for free
  5. JavaScript Basics from Scratch (19hrs) – Enroll for free
  6. Advanced JavaScript for All (25hrs) – Enroll for free
  7. Core Java Basics (23hrs) – Enroll for free
  8. Object-Oriented Principles in Java: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism (12hrs) – Enroll for free
  9. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Beginners (7hrs) – Enroll for free
  10. Data Structures & Algorithm – Interview Questions (50hrs) – Enroll for free
  11. Blockchain Features Simplified (5hrs) – Enroll for free

Career Planning

Career planning is very important as it gives people the freedom to look at new perspectives once they are aware about their existing knowledge and skills. It will also help you to stay rooted in your existing careers during big changes. For instance, all companies shifted to WFH mode during lockdowns.

  1. 10 Ways to manage Stress during Career Uncertainty (30mins)
  2. How to Stay Relevant in your Jobs during Digitalisation and Automation? (20 mins)
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting your Data Science Journey (2hrs)
  4. Academic Writing (6hrs)
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting your MBA Journey (1hr)
  6. Career Planning Fundamentals (20mins)

Getting access to free courses requires you to register with Upgrad  using your mobile number and email ID. Once you complete all the modules under a course, you will be awarded a digital certificate of completion for it.

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