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17 Best Python Courses on Udemy

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Do you want to become an expert in python? Check out these best python courses on Udemy that are highly rated and recommended by our python pundits.

Python is one of the programming languages that is gaining popularity these days. It is easier to learn when compared to the rest making it a more accessible language to coders who do not have a background in computer science.

It is very useful for Data Science, Web developments and beyond that, even to develop applications. Additionally, there is also a high demand today for Developers who use Python. Python is also very beneficial to those wanting to work in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

It takes about 4-5 months to excel at these programming languages. To get started today, check out this list of courses from Udemy that we have curated for you.

17 Best Python Courses on Udemy

Being one of the best Python courses in Udemy, this promises to teach how to use Python from the scratch so by the end of it, you’ll be able to gain the advanced knowledge required to create applications and games. there are two Milestone Projects in the middle of the course allowing you to put to use what you have just learnt. No prior knowledge or experience is assumed, so everything is explained based on this. The other learners who have enrolled enable this course quite interactively.

Duration – 22 hours

This course will help you gain a strong knowledge of Machine Learning, Python and R. By the end of this course, you” be able to make powerful analyses, nearly accurate predictions, and handle advanced techniques like Dimensionality Reduction. You will also be equipped with an understanding when it comes to choosing the right machine learning model for a given problem. The course also carries exercises based on real-life examples. No prior experience is assumed but it will be beneficial to you to know the math at the high school level. If you’re looking forward to following a career as a machine learning engineer, this course is a perfect start for you.

Duration – 48 hours

With this course, you will learn how to use Pandas, Seaborn, Plotly, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Machine Learning, etc. It covers a Python crash course along with how to use python for data analysis and data visualization. This is the perfect course to get started on learning about Machine Learning.

Duration – 25 horus

This practical course is designed for academics, office workers and administrators. It starts with how to install Python then moves on to flow control, functions to writing a complete program. It also teaches basic concepts of web scraping, parsing PDFs and spreadsheets, sending email and texts etc. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to use the program to automate your computer tasks, control your mouse and keyboard to click and type for you etc. No prior experience is assumed so even beginners can enroll right now.

Duration – 9.5 hours

This course teaches you the Python Language using Python 3. It starts with the installation and set up of Python for Windows, Mac, Linux and other systems. Then you’ll be learning the keywords, operators, statements, expressions to understand what you are coding. This course is for beginners who know nothing about the Language beyond its name. By the end of the course, it promises you enough skills to be so confident that you’ll be able to apply to programming jobs even though you have no prior knowledge in this field. This course only covers Python programming alone. 

Duration – 65 hours

This course is also good for beginners. You will also learn to use modern frameworks like Beautiful Soup, Selenium, NumPy, Plotly etc. The course is structured so you excel in Python by building 100 projects over 100 days. You can use these projects in your portfolio as you apply for Python developer or programmer jobs.  Alongside, you’ll also learn data science, automation, building websites and applications, games etc. This is one of the highest-rated courses on Udemy.

Duration – 60 hours.

This is an interactive course that teaches how to use Python 3 with various frameworks like Django, Flask, GUI etc. This is quite engaging as it will have you build mobile apps, create web scraper, an app to send automated emails, personal websites and many other things. The learners are quite active so you can also interact with them and find get help when you need it. the first 12  sections of the course cover basics while the rest 27 sections contain intermediate and advanced Python so anybody from a beginner to someone who knows the basics of the language can take up this course and find it useful.

Duration – 33 hours

This course will teach you how to build websites using not only Python 3 but also HTMP, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap and Django. It touches upon HTTP requests, User Authentication, ORm and many other things. Beginners can take up this course. This course is quite comprehensive. But if you’re aware of the language and want to get a more organized tutorial, you can still take up this course and bridge the gaps in your knowledge.

Duration – 32 hours.

This is a practical course that focuses more on you being able to successfully build projects. There are 11 projects you are expected to build over the course duration using object-oriented programming. You will learn all the necessary basics that will help you if you want to later pursue data science, web development, AI and the like. The explanations are simple and the instructor’s language is also not complicated. Beginners can take up this course.

Duration – 9 hours.

This course will teach you not only Python using Python 3 developer but also Data Science, Machine learning with Python. You will be using Python to send emails and SMS, proves images PDFs etc and even build a portfolio website. It starts from scratch and goes p to advanced Python by the end of the course. over the course duration, you will be building 12+ projects, these can be used in your portfolio.

Duration – 30.5 hours.

In this course, you’ll be learning the basics of Python and the latest features in Python 3.6 too. It covers HTTP requests to API, object-oriented programming, Building games and applications and automated web scraper and crawler. You will also be equipped with how to handle errors and debug code. However, It does not cover much in Data Science. There are over 200 quizzes for you to work out on and to test and put to use what you’ve learnt.

Duration – 29.5 hours.

This course teaches you Python programming to conduct real-world financial analysis using the program. It also makes sure to cover the fundamentals of finance and stocks before proceeding to teach about how Python can be applied to calculate risk and return of investments as well as individual securities. This course is perfect for beginners. You should check this out if you are considering data science for a career or a developer job at a financial institution.

Duration – 9 hours.

This course will provide on how to use Python for Data Analytics and Data Science. You will also learn Statistical Analysis, Visualization and Data Mining. You will know how to install packages in Python and how to code in Jupiter Notebooks, create variables and other things. This is a partly practical course and you will be assigned tasks to finish. The instructor explains in a very simple manner. No prior knowledge or experience is assumed so beginners can also apply.

Duration – 11 hours

This is another interactive course with fun exercises and quizzes that allows you to put to use what you’ve just learnt. It teaches both Python 2 and 3. The exercises make the who course more effective. It is precisely concise and condensed without too many complex concepts that are not essential to the language. You can take this up even if you’re a beginner, you will learn how to code, write programs and Python scripts.

Duration – 2.5 hours

The courses start off with teaching you the basic foundations of the programming language and then slowly advance to more complex and professional topics. The instructor explains complex topics like algorithms, decorators and asynchronous programming in Python in a  simple way. You will learn how to write desktop applications with Python and Tkinter. A beginner can take this course. If you already have some knowledge of Python, you can still take this as it shows many real-wrold applications that you may have been aware of before.

Duration – 35 hours

In this course, you will learn how to use spark and Python together to analyze Big Data. It includes Spark streaming, machine learning, DataFrames etc. You will also be working on Consulting Projects that mimic real-life situations. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the Databricks platform. Since the Spark2.0 DataFrame framework is comparatively new, this skill has ample demand in the job market. To take up this course, it is advised that you have general programming skills, preferably Python. 

Duration – 10.5 hours

This course will teach you Python 3 to read and write on files, on working with JSON and sending HTTP requests to web servers and more. No prior experience or programming knowledge is assumed. The course starts off with teaching the basics before proceeding to advanced topics so it is suitable for a beginner.

Duration – 5.5 hours

If you don’t know anything about the language beyond its name, you can start with one of the courses from our list today. Most of these courses do not require you to have any knowledge about programming, they teach right from the beginners level to advanced in the same course.

Disclaimer: This blog is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy through those links, you won’t pay anything extra and I’ll also receive a small commission on a purchase.